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Vita-Mix Versus Juicer: A Review


Comparing Vita-Mix to a Traditional Vegetable Juicer Like JuiceMan

( Recalling Health’s Editor Shares Her Story)



Like most health-conscious folk, I’ve been juicing my fruits and vegetables off and on for as long as I can remember. The whole concept of juicing has always appealed to me. I mean, logically, using whole and organic foods in their raw form to gain the best quality of nutrients and phytonutrients (plant enzymes) for good nutrition and general health seemed like a no brainer.

After all, animals and other beasts of the field cure themselves of their ailments naturally in the wild, without having to deal with all the detrimental side effects of “man-made” drugs, so why couldn’t I–as a person with a brain bigger than most animals–do the same?

In the late 90s, before I left the country to go serve my faith in the Holy Land for four years as a volunteer, I owned a small Junior JuiceMan machine. It was a traditional veggie juicer just big enough for one person, and because I didn’t juice everyday, the investment in the machine still paid off as it was durable and I felt the cleanup time was not too excessive, though I’ll admit that there were some times in the mornings when I wanted desperately to drink fresh juices–especially after my eye sight began to decline from so much computer use–but had decided not to because I just didn’t have the extra time to clean up the machine after using it.

So when I returned to the states, one of the first things I bought was another junior JuiceMan. I had not needed a juicer in Haifa (Israel) because there was a vendor in the Mercaz (Market Center) who sold fresh fruit and vegetable juices by the cup or by the liter and half liter, and I would just go there once or twice a week to stock up. 

My Vita-Mix Encounter

Vita Mix 5200 SeriesRecently, I spent some time with my brother and his wife. My brother happened to own a Vita-Mix and was touting how easy it was to use, and how it was better than a juicer because you got to eat the whole veggie or fruit– pulp, fiber and all. I of course countered that the juicer could juice everything, and asked him if the Vita-Mix could do carrots and other harder veggies, and would it even juice greens?  He said yes.

Later he demonstrated. I found that he didn’t have to cut the veggies up as small as I did, and sometimes not at all, and the machine handled everything he put in there with no problem.

But the part that really impressed me was the clean-up.

“Just put a drop of detergent in there, add water and turn the machine on for 30 seconds. And qual-la!” he motioned.

I was stunned, and at the same time very excited, but I told him I still thought the juicer was better.

The next day, as he made us a couple of smoothies in record time, I had to break down and give him his propers (translated: tell him he was right and I was wrong).


Better than the Traditional Juicer

Yes the Vita-Mix is better than the juicer. It even makes hot soup in four minutes out of your raw veggies, and has the ability to grind grains and do other really neat things. So I was sold.

If you haven’t tried the Vita-Mix yet, you really should. Once you do, you will find yourself juicing more because it will be soooooo easy, and the clean up will be so effortless.

Never again will you have to say no to fresh whole fruit or veggie juices to start your day because you don’t have time for the traditional juicer cleanup.


What you have to look forward to with Vita Mix…

Note: These are just a few things I have experienced using the Vita Mix 10 in one machine:

The more you use your Vita-Mix machine, the better you will feel and the healthier you will become. 


You may start to notice that you’ve lost a few pounds without effort. 


Expect your energy to increase as you start to drink juices in the morning instead of coffee. 


Expect your eyesight to improve too (if that is a problem for you). All those carrot really will make a difference. 


Backed by a full 7 Year Warranty!Pick up your Vita-Mix machine here. It is risk free and comes with an unconditional money back guarantee as well as a 7 year warranty.

Go ahead, visit their website now before you forget.

Oh…did I tell you, all those fresh juices might help your memory problems too?



Loretta Crosby,


P.S. If you are dealing with any type of joint pain, try a juicing recipe that includes fresh pineapple. This works well for me. You can sign up for free juicing recipes at the Vitamix site.

P.S. II As your Editor, this is one piece of equipment I highly recommend as a foundation for your whole foods lifestyle.

P.S. III  This machine come with free shipping for now, but I do not know how long that will last. Check it out here to see if its still offered. 

To your health and longevity!


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