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The Questions?

Can raw foods, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, wheat grass and sprouts really bring energy, vitality and healing to the body if used on a regular basis?
Can these natural food sources increase mental clarity and slow the aging process by giving the cells what they need to thrive, not just survive?

Is it possible to give up all the nutritional and dietary supplements in our arsenal if we become a raw foodist (or at a minimum embrace the vegetarian lifestyle with all of its perceived restrictions)?

Well, these are the questions I have pondered for awhile now, and unlike my past ponderings I have actually started implementing a system this year, i.e. I have decided to take the plunge and do my best to move toward a raw foods and natural health and nutrition diet.

The Why’s

Why? You ask.

Oh, believe me it has nothing to do with the fact that I weigh more now than I have ever weighed and haven’t been able to get into my clothes since the Thanksgiving/ Christmas holidays.

And no it has nothing to do with the fact that the xray lab wants me to return for a “diagnostic screening” to be sure it’s not the “C” word.

And if you believe that these are not the reasons, then you just don’t know me that well.

The fact is that most people don’t change until they have to or are forced to.

Brenda Cobb, who runs the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, a program she started after she received a diagnosis of cancer some years ago, is one such person who was forced to make a change.

I had the good fortune of attending a couple of her one-hour seminars last year and it was amazing to me that in each of the sessions, someone in the audience would invaribly  say, after hearing all the testimonies for the living foods lifestyle, they would stand and say, “This program is great and I can see how it saves lives …When I get REALLY sick I will come back to get started.”

Regrettably, that is a side of human nature that is all too common among people,  myself included. I’m referring to the desire to keep with the familiar, even when it isn’t working, and the desire to avoid change which is more often than not perceived to be a sacrifice.

And what is the sacrifice? Giving up candy and cakes and chocolates and hamburgers and french fries and steak and mucos causing dairy and cheeses…. and… and…

Fortunately for me, I come from a belief system that teaches that “to make a sacrifice is to receive a gift.” But even with that belief, it has not been any easier for me to hop on the bandwagon to good health.

Getting Started:

Are you waiting for the diagnosis?

Could you start right now–start by eating just a few more organic and raw sprouts, fruits, veggies, grains and nuts?

I started my new raw foods diet a couple of days ago (14 February 2005). Kind of as a Valentines Day gift to myself.

No I haven’t gone purely raw, at least not just yet. I have too many addictions to do it cold turkey (there–you see I am already talking about meat and it’s only been a few days. Or could it be that meat is simply imbedded in the language and the culture, a part of the American experience). But no matter, my point is that I anticipate this new goal of mine is going to be the hardest path I have ever deliberately chosen to pursue.

I don’t know what your addictions are, but mine include sugar, flour products like cakes, cookies, breads and pastas. Yes I love pizza and three-cheese lazangas even though I am lactose intolerant. And though I found it easy to give up red meat and “that other white meat–pork”, giving up chicken and fish have proved difficult in the past, and I am not yet psychologically ready to give up fish ’cause I can’t see how it hurts me. (Gonna take a lot of research and study to get me to release that love).

And then there is also my body’s particular preference for warm foods versus cold foods — all of which must be overcome if I am to succeed in the new lifestyle.

        Cut Yourself Some Slack…

One thing I decided on Day One of the new eating style was that I would go easy on myself. So the chocolate cake helped me out the first day, but I did not eat anything cooked that day. Score one point.

Day two saw me eliminating in the public bathroom effortlessly. I know the spinach in the raw leafy green veggie salads had a lot to do with that. The chocolate chip chewies were again right there for me to enjoy and did in fact help ease the transition on day two. Score one point.

Day three–no cookies!. No chocolate so far (ah…but alas the day is not over!). Instead, I grabbed an organic apple to satisfy the sweet craving. Score 2 points!

Which brings me to the other point I wanted to make: make sure you only buy those things that you should be eating. For instance, there is no way I could have substituted an organic apple for the chocolate chip cookies if I didn’t have any around the house! Stock up for health!

Focusing on health when all about you are filled with disease…

Perhaps you too have been thinking about going natural.

I find it so hard to focus on health and not eventually come back to incorporating a natural foods diet into the program.

Perhaps my vision is clouded too by my daytime occupation as a disability specialist handling Social Security claims. Everyday I get to read the diagnosis of chronic diseases, get to see the treatments that the medical establishment offer, and get to notice the all too often failures of same.

Arthritis, back problems, depression, all come in as being among the top five ailments.

And then there’s the big “C”, a word so powerful we don’t even like to speak it. Cancer of the breast, the lungs, the colon, the liver, the skin…

Chronic fatique and fibromyalgia are among the newer diagnosis gaining more and more popularity among those–women particularly–with 14 years of education or more. And if education plays a role, then no doubt you can bet a mental impairment of one sort or another will rear its head before all is said and done.

If the traditional treatments are failing–and the numbers show that they are (as evidenced by the fact that when our agency hires people they don’t do it by the ones or twos, they bring in whole classes of 25 to 30 disability specialists at a time to be trained) then what is the solution to this problem of declining health?

What’s the solution?..So we’re back to the question again…

Beats me–but that’s the reason I started this website. To explore what the answers might be and to get input from you as to the things that have worked for you and have not worked for you.

Until I am firm and further along in my journey for natural health, I plan to continue taking the few supplements I currently take for energy, to clean the colon and to keep from using pain pills during that time of the month. And of course the Kyolic Garlic and the Vitamin C with bioflavonoids will all have to stay to assist during the transition.

Need help breaking out of self-defeating behaviors? Read how I am doing it here.

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