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Rest and Relaxation to Nourish Mind and Spirit


Rest and relaxation (R & R) will do for the mind and spirit what the proper nutritional supplements can do for the body. Optimal no deposit required slots is scarcely possible when we weigh down our minds and spirits with problems and worries.

While we can not always change the things that happen in our lives, we can alter how we respond to them. And, if we are open to trying new things–or even to taking time out to reinstate the practices that we have always used to calm our selves–then we realize that there are ways to revitalize and energize our minds and spirits, there are ways to truly have real rest and relaxation.

Just as we use foods and supplements to nourish our bodies, we can use time-tested methods and tools to create the same effect in our other two dimensions. Balancing the mind and spirit can be a challenge for the uninitiated and the initiated alike, but by engaging in some or all of the activities noted below, you can make a start.

But….YOU…have to make the first move


By remembering that there is NO TIME LIKE TODAY!!!


Because, in fact, today is all we have, and there really is



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Poetry / Self Empowerment / Depression

Poems to Relax By Share with us one poem you have read or written which puts you in a relaxing mood. You may submit your poems to the Editor for review and possible inclusion. 

Self Empowermentarticles, sites and quotes to empower you. Journal Writing.

Depression Articles are posted in our reading room. 

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 “There are certain pillars which have been established as the unshakeable supports of the Faith of God. The mightiest of these is learning and the use of the mind, the expansion of consciousness, and insight into the realities of the universe and the hidden mysteries of Almighty God.

To promote knowledge is thus an inescapable duty imposed on every one of the friends of God…”



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