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Eagle Eyes Blu Blocker Lens Sunglasses may save your life!

…As You Drive, Get Blu Blocker Lens Protection of Eagle Eyes

Driving can expose you to more dangerous glare than any sunny summer day at the beach can!  Do you know how to protect yourself?  EAGLE EYES may be your answer to harsh driving conditions including:

  • Windshield glare
  • Reflected light off another vehicle
  • Reflection off the roadway
  • Low vision weather conditions

Originally developed by NASA, Eagle Eyes’ patented lens technology represents a breakthrough in optic technology!

Eagle Eyes Sunglasses:

  • Reduce blinding windshield glare while driving
  • Utilize patented triple-layer lens system to make objects appear sharper and clearer, even at greater distances!
  • Reduce eye fatigue and facial strain…no need to squint while driving! 

(Attention prescription glasses wearers:  We also have clip-ons available as well for this special offer!)

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