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Cancer Preventing Super Foods

 by Dr. John Maher


Although currently heart disease kills most of us, it seems in general we dread cancer more. It is even sometimes called, “The Big C” and code worded by doctors as “CA” apparently because we don’t even like to say or hear the word! Interestingly, after of billions of dollars in research it appears that the quotes below, credited to two famous men, were truly prophetic.

“Let your food be your medicine”- Hippocrates

“The doctor of the future. . .will interest his patients in diet, care of the human frame, and in the prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison

In 1992, a scientist named Caragay developed a hierarchy of potential cancer preventative foods. The National Cancer institute is currently investigating these foods, specifically those at the top of the pyramid*, to further clarify the biological effect of these foods on health and cancer prevention.



Licorice and Ginger

Soy , Carrots, Celery, Parsnips

Onions, Green Tea, Tumeric, Citrus

Whole Wheat, Flax Seed, and Brown Rice

Tomato, Egg Plant and Peppers (the Solanacea).

Broccoli, Cauliflower, and Brussel Spouts (the Cruciferae).

Oats, Mints, Oregano, Cucumber, Rosemary, Sage, and Potato.

Thyme, Chives, Cantaloupe, Basil, Tarragon, Barley and the

*Foods are ranked in order of importance from top to bottom

These plants are rich in phytochemicals. Such plant chemicals are “signaling molecules” plants use to communicate within themselves. As an example, in grape seeds phytochemical antioxidant compounds called polyphenols protect its DNA in dry or light intensive environments. In berries, the carotenoids provide color to signal pollinators such as birds or insects.

There may be over 10,000 different phytochemicals that have biological activity in humans. There are over a dozen general classes, such as carotenoids, coumarins, flavonoids, indoles, lignans and phenolic acids.

So although taking an iron free mega-multivitamin/mineral and extra antioxidants is part of good anti-aging and longevity strategy, there is NO substitute for including a generous amount of a variety of the above “Super Foods” in our diets.

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Dr John Maher, American Board of Anti-Aging Health
Professionals, Ed., “Longevity News”
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