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The Body Health Guide


Recalling Health to the Body 

“Using the power of natural, organic and super foods, nutritional supplementation, exercise, water and moderation in all things to reach your health goals.”


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This Body Health Guide provides a foundation for recalling health to your physical body.

The program we advocate for optimal health is neither a formal one, nor complex in its approach. Nonetheless, we know that it is difficult to master. Mastery is something we should all work on — one day at a time.  The important thing, as you know, is to make a start.


Water — Water — Everywhere: Drink plenty of the distilled kind.**

Dietary and Nutritional Supplementation: finding a good daily vitamin, preferably in liquid form, a good overall old-fashioned tonic for energy and mental clarity, and a good colon cleanser to prevent the build up of toxins in the body is essential. (See Editor’s Choice below)

Using Natural, Organic “Super Foods” and Nutrients–such as garlic, lemon, bee pollen, vitamin C and fish oils, to name a few—-on a regular basis. [Here’s one article on Cancer Preventing Superfoods.]

Reducing meat consumption and moving as close as possible to a vegetarian lifestyle. There is a reason why the spiritual teachers have forewarned that fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts will be the food of the future.

Exercising: choose any to suit your lifestyle and current health condition, but do some and stay active. Leading a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to maintaining a healthy body.

Guard Your Mental Health: learn to do this by finding stress busters such as meditation, yoga or other rest and relaxation techniques that work for you, and then practice them consistently. Mental health or lack thereof can and does have an effect on the physical body.

Spiritual Health: as the body is composed of elements and will decay, finding something permanent to believe in (i.e. belief in a higher power) can give meaning to your life. When your life has more meaning, you tend to care for the body more so that it will serve you better which in turn enables you to better serve your God. 

Practicing Moderation in All Things, including learning to eat more simply by not combining so many different types of food at one meal setting, or moderation may take the form of your not being so preoccupied with gaining material things, which ultimately may lead to your getting more real rest and relaxation.

Overcoming Bad Habits which do obvious harm to the body, such as:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol or using so called “recreational drugs”
  • Self medicating and not consulting qualified health care professional and/or nutritionists and naturopaths when you have a health concern and
  • Promiscuity: not a value judgment but just a scientific fact that the more you expose yourself to sexual relationships outside of a committed relationship (i.e. the marital bond), the more likely you are to contract a communicable sexually transmitted disease.

**Click here for more information on Water

Haven’t mastered it all yet? Don’t worry. As we expand our site, you will find more and more resources to help you achieve each of the goals outlined in the Body Health Guide ebook. After all we’re partners, right?  

Oh…and one more thing…did we mention eliminating the “whites” from your diet–white breads, white rice, white sugar, white….you get the picture.


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